Kan Dapaah justifies military protection for certain individuals


The National Security Minister-nominee, Albert Kan Dapaah, has justified the increased military protection for certain individuals in the country.

Responding to a query from Minority Leader Haruna Iddrisu, Mr. Kan Dapaah said the decision to rely on soldiers instead of police is based on intelligence and expert assessments.

“Anywhere you have seen soldiers having to protect a particular individual, it is because, in our assessment and assessment of security experts, there is the need for such support to be given to that particular person.”

“This is a decision normally taken by the security agencies. For instance, when we have a report that a particular individual has a problem and people are after his life, and we think there is a danger, we come in to provide support.”

He also said such security support was not limited to ministers and other high profile members of society.

“I do know of a journalist that we continue to provide security cover and security support to,” Mr. Kan Dapaah added.

When asked why police could not be relied on to offer such security support, the nominee said it was a question of resources.

“Clearly, the Ghana Police Service and the other security agencies; in terms of equipment, in terms of men, they, have never had the full complement of what it takes to provide the most effective policing.”

Though no individual was cited in the Minority Leader’s line of questioning, he has previously complained about the use of military personnel as bodyguards for state officials.

“We find it very despicable that men and women in uniform particularly in the Ghana Armed Forces will now be reduced to holding bags of key public officials. We want him to restore the dignity and honour of the Ghana Armed Forces,” Mr. Iddrisu said in a plea to the President.

His comments also come after the Chairperson of the Electoral Commission, Jean Mensa, received public criticism for being given military protection as seen in her appearances at election petition hearings at the Supreme Court.


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