Sunyani: Sunyani Traditional Council to demolish buildings in waterways


Sunyani Traditional Council and Sunyani Stakeholders Platform, a stakeholder group that aims at ensuring the development of the Bono regional capital has threatened to demolish properties sited in waterways in the traditional area.

A source of the Council explained that the intended measure is meant to help bring back to life streams “that have been put to their graves” by the improper siting of buildings in the area.

The stakeholder group also said it was collaborating with the Traditional Council to ensure that properties and structures on waterways are demolished to avert flooding during the rainy season.

During an inspection tour by the group, the Queen Mother of Agozokrom, Nana Akua Dadzawa Agozo and the Nifahene of Sunyani Traditional Area, Nana Kwame Addai Kuntuma, to a number of water sources in the Municipality, it was found that many church buildings, structures and houses have been built at unauthorized places, which include waterways and other water sources in the Municipality.

 “This act of lawlessness that is becoming a canker in the Municipality must be stopped before the unexpected happens during the rainy season and as such, the stakeholders have the full support of the traditional council to take a strict action that will help curb this menace ”,  Nana Kuntuma stressed.

“It is also unlawful to divert water ways and also construct concrete slabs to block waterways,” he added.

He stressed that the fact that Nananom and the people of Sunyani have tolerated the practice does not permit the developers to take undue advantage and engage in such  acts that would adversely affect future generations.

The chief, who represented the traditional council on the tour, appealed to Sunyani Municipal Assembly to help check the unlawful and destructive activities of residents and estate developers.

Mr. Atta Akoto Senior, President of the Stakeholders Platform called on the Lands Commission, Town and Country Planning Department and the National Disaster Management Organization to be proactive and help avoid preventable disasters in the Municipality.

The Queen Mother of Agozokrom, which is hugely affected by the practice stressed that even though the Council was considering demolishing the unauthorized structures, the culprits would not be spared as they would be made to pay compensation to the Council.

Sunyani Municipality is one of the twelve districts in Bono Region, Ghana. It was originally created as an ordinary district assembly on 10 March 1989 and then known as Sunyani District. It was split on November 1 2007 to create Sunyani West District and Sunyani East District, which was later upgraded to municipal status on February 29, 2008. It was renamed Sunyani Municipality, located in the western part of Bono Region, with Sunyani as its capital town.


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